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Customer Reviews Of VRacer
"See What Others Are Saying..."

We have hundreds of satisfied customers who purchased VRacer - The Real Racing Simulator. These are just several of our unsolicitated testimonials:

" I Wish Every Racing Game Drove Like This "

If you like realism, you'll love this game. Great physics and an incredible sensation of control with amazing handling. The cars just feel like they behave right.

If you enjoy racing games and you don't own this game then I STRONGLY recommend you do. It's challenging and rewarding enough to keep you going. Well done guys!

Andrew Clay


" The Only TRUE Racing Simulator "

VRacer is truly the only "True Driving Simulator" software. It is in a class by itself. At times it feels less like playing a game and more like indulging in a hobby. If you enjoy car racing games, you'll appreciate what this software offers. No other game comes close. This is as real as it gets - with painstakingly accurate recreation of the driving experience of hundreds of cars.

If you're into vehicles and simulation, VRacer is a must have.

Luis Randall
Easton, PA


" The Physics & Gameplay Have Set A New Bar For Racing Games... "

The driving is extremely real. The physics and gameplay have set a new bar for racing games, and the lighting and shadows are just as unreal!

It still gives you a feeling no other racer can come close to! Not only does it give you the opportunity to race, it also does a good job of actually teaching someone how to properly race.

I would recommend this title to anyone who is a racing game fan. You will not be disappointed.

Paul Gentry
Manchester, UK


" VRacer is a Fantastic Racing Experience"

This game is addictive. You do few races and the next thing you know it's 4 hours.

The racing physics are excellent. The graphics are great. The user interface is a bit cumbersome but not too bad. Overall, Vracer is a fantastic racing experience with a lot of depth and I expect to be playing it for many months if not years to come.

Tony Hurst
Belton, TX

" For Any True Simulation Fan, This Is A Must Buy..."

"The game speaks by itself. I'm a professional demo driver and the realisim of this game is big step up over the others and competition. The physics are astoundingly accurate You can virtually feel the weight of the cars moving from side to side and the tires fighting for traction.

I like the way the game teach you how to drive as a racing driver. This is not a game to press the gas all the time. Its a real driving simulator. For any true simulation fan, this game is a must buy.

Ryan Mercado (Professional Demo Driver)
Norwalk, IA 


"An Addicting Game That Will Entertain You For Hours"

All of have to say is that you will get your moneys worth for this game. It exceeds on every level from Driving to Cars to tracks.

The realism its extraordinary, the feel of the car its near reality. It's an addicting game that will entertain you for hours. I haven't even dipped into multiplayer yet either! If you like race simulator games this is the one to get.

Keith Owens
Pickerington, OH

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