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Attention Affiliates!

"Get Ready To Make Some KILLER Commissions With A RED HOT Niche! VRacer Gives You CRAZY Conversions, Upsells, Downsells And Best Thing You Keep 75% Of Everything..."

You Get $24.92 Per Sale + $20.02 Recurring Commissions + $5 Bonuses with Insane Conversions of 7.65%! (See Proof Below)

This is a major opportunity for you to get in on the ground floor of the biggest and best new car racing sim in a massive market overflowing with prospects!

The gaming niche is MASSIVE and you can tap into this lucrative market by promoting VRacer. We split-test endlessly and our current conversion rate is at 7.65% for cold traffic! (proof below)

How Much Do You Pay?

We pay you 75% commission on EVERYTHING + our bonus structure of $5 per sale

Here is the breakdown of the sales options:

  • Frontend $37 per sale
  • Downsell of $27.00 (2nd chance for you to earn commissions)
  • Backend recurring sales of $29.95 (coming soon)

We pay 75% on every sale. That means you make a potential $24.92 per sale + recurring $20.02 Even better, you can also earn $5 extra PER SALE on top of your commissions with our bonus structure! (more details of bonus at the end of page)

Proof Of Conversions

We have the best conversion in this market period. We know because we test and test like crazy. (we're still split-testing!) Our latest page is converting at a massive 7.65% and we're constantly tweaking to improve it!

VRacer has been fully tested, tweaked and optmized for conversions prior to launching on Clickbank . We did a soft launch via Google PPC and here is a screenshot of our conversion stats:

The salespage will only get better as we test and tweak all elements of the copy and design. That means you'll earn more moolah as time goes by!

Get Started as an Affiliate - Instantly sign up for a free Clickbank ID to Promote Our Product:

  1. Click Here and signup for a free Clickbank account if you don't have one yet.
    Once you have your free Clickbank ID create your custom hoplink:

  2. Use hoplink:
    Replace ' YourClickbankID' with your Clickbank Affiliate ID

To start making sales, simply send people to purchase "VRacer" through your affiliate link and ClickBank will take care of the rest. You'll get a whopping 75% commission per sale!

Once the link is clicked or typed into a browser, the tracking is automatically done by Clickbank and you get paid! Clickbank sends you checks every two weeks for the sales you make through your affiliate link.

All you need to do is send traffic to the website using your Clickbank affiliate ID. Leave everything else to us. We take care of all customer support and communication, and making sure the orders are fulfilled.

Start Promoting VRacer With Our Wealth Of Affiliate Tools Below:

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to make great money promoting VRacer so we have created everything from autoresponder emails , banners , alternate landing pages, keywords , ads, target market demographic studies, and many more resources!
Grab your tools below and affiliate link jump on board. I can almost guarantee BIG money coming your way.

Click on each link below to jump to the section:

(Section 1) Setting Up Clickbank Links:

Use hoplink:

Replace 'YourClickbankID ' with your Clickbank Affiliate ID. If you don't have one, please go to this link to sign up.

Why you should use our custom link instead of Clickbank's hoplink?
Simple. With our domain name in the URL, you'll get better quality scores when using PPC campaigns.

Also, when you use our URL instead of Clickbank hoplinks, search engines will not view your site as an affiliate site - resulting in increased rankings and low PPC costs.

Ideally, you'll want to be able to promote VRacer using more mediums. However, it's very important to be able to see what works great and what doesn't work very good. That's why Clickbank has a special built-in tool: the "Tracking Id".

At the end of your link, you will just need to insert &tid=trackid , where trackid can be anything you want. This is completely OPTIONAL but it helps you track your clicks

For example:


On your Clickbank account, you will be able to see how many sales you got through each of the tracking ids. It's a great tool... simple but very powerful.

(Section 2) Graphics & Banners:

You can start using these banners & graphics on your blog, website to promote VRacer. All you need to do is to copy the code and paste it in your HTML editor.

Remember to replace "YourClickBankID" with your actual Clickbank ID.




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(Section 3) Direct Order Page Link

You can choose to send your traffic to the direct order page. This is great if you're preselling on your site and you want to point visitors to purchase immmediately

Use the custom affiliate link provided below. Note: Your affiliate cookie will still be tracked properly.

Direct Order Affilate URL:

remember to replace "YourClickbankID" with your clickbank affiliate ID!

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(Section 4) Pay-Per-Click Keywords:

Google Adwords is an awesome way to promote this guide as you have millions of gamers looking to try new games RIGHT NOW... The beauty of it is that you can be on the web with your ad in under 10 mins!

Here are some of the best keywords that we've tested. Swipe and copy them for your campaign!

Keywords for PPC:

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(Section 5) Facebook Marketing (**Hot!**):

Facebook traffic is *HUGE*. It currently has over 800 MILLION active users, which is an absolute untapped goldmine for an Affiliate. It is so lucrative that one of our top affiliates makes more than $2800 every DAY using just Facebook ADs as his main source of traffic.

I've also included a snapshot of our US demographics which you can target. Most of the customers are male, between 18-44 from US, UK, Canada and Australia.

The gaming niche is perfect for Facebook users. You can create an ad and target over 1 bilion users. Experiment with different images and different ad text. You'll be shocked with the amount of traffic that Facebook will send to your affiliate link.

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(Section 6) Email Templates:

If you have an email list and would like to promote VRacer to your list, below you will find several emails that you can copy and paste, or modify to suit your needs.

And REMEMBER... if you do send an email to your list ... a second email follow up email a few days later is almost guaranteed to DOUBLE your sales and commissions!

 Your Affiliate Link Is: http://vracergame.com/cb?cb=YourClickbankID

Email Template 1:

Email Template 2 (send 2 days after email 1):

Final Email To Close The Sale:

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(Section 7) Videos:

Here is a video which you can embed on your own blog/site. You can also choose to download it and upload it major video sites.

Embed code:

Right Click To Save the Video File (flv format)

(Section 8) CPA/CPV Networks:

These are some Cost Per View Networks you may like to try.

Ad On Network
Direct CPV
Traffic Vance
Lead Impact
Media Traffic

Using CPA and CPV networks is one of the fastest way to generate huge amounts of traffic. Contact us if you want your tracking pixel on our thank-you pages.

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(Section 9) Articles:


(Section 10) Bonus structure:

Total sales required
Your bonus payout
100 - 199 sales per month
Extra $3 per sale
100 sales = $8,735 commission+ $300 bonus
200 - 299 sales per month
Extra $4 per sale
200 sales = $17,470 commission + $800 bonus
+300 sales per month
Extra $5/sale
300 sales = $26,205 commission + $1,500 bonus

Yes that's right... if you make 300 or more sales in 1 month you will receive an EXTRA $7/sale...But not only that, UNLIKE other vendors, we count sales from both the BASE AND VIP premium. That means you can combine your sales per month for all products.


• You may use multiple Clickbank ID's however you must provide solid proof that you own every ID.
• Refunded sales and charge backs do not count towards your total sales count. They get subtracted from your total sales.
• Only sales from the vendor ID "vracer" will count.
• One time offers and discount sales do not count towards the total sales count.
• Bonus payout's will be paid at the 30th of the NEXT month for the previous month. So make sure you contact us on the 30th of the next month for your bonus.
• Bonus payout's will only be paid via PayPal.
• A reserve amount may be held to cover future refunds. This amount will vary depending on your sales volume and is at our discretion.
• This bonus payment scheme is valid from June 1st and will last until AT LEAST Jan 31th 2014. (Guaranteed)
• We will revise the offer on the 31st of Jan. Depending on it's success, it may or may not continue.
All bonus payout's must be claimed within 60 days. If this does not happen you will not get your bonus for that month.

To claim your bonus please contact us here. Provide your Clickbank ID, your paypal email and the number of sales you have made for each of the products that count towards your total sales.

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(Section 11) Other Strategies & Tips:

1. Write reviews!
Drive traffic to a page with a positive genuine review about the VRacer (then send that traffic to our sales page with your affiliate link) . This is an extremely effective way to get great conversion rates!

You can get traffic to a review page using Pay Per Click or put a review up on an article marketing site or your own niche blog/website.

Affiliate Tip: VRacer usually converts better when you are properly pre-selling it. A landing page is preferred over direct-linking.

A soft presell has proven to work best, meaning, you don't have to be over-aggressive in your promotion, you just need prepare the customer for what he's about to see and speak positively about it.

There's no need to try to sell the product yourself, since the sales page does that very well. You need to simply, warm up the customer, and increase his interest, and then send him to our page.

Try to sound honest and sincere in your review, because it will add credibility in the eye of the potential customer.

2. Post on Forums

Find gaming, entertainment, car simulator forums and post helpful comments, help, and informative posts. After you've built up your reputation and posted helpful information.add your VRacer affiliate link in your signature box or have a post that links to VRacerGame.com (with your affiliate link).

3. Post Comments on Blogs

Find blogs related to games, entertainment etc. Then make informative and non-spammy posts about related topics. Be sure to include your affiliate link in your signature or post.

The more you post and the more credibility you build at the forums the better you'll pre-sell VRacer and the more traffic you'll send.which equals more sales!

4. Buy Ad Spots on related sites

Find related websites (or media mediums) in the gaming niche and buy space on their website to display one of our banners or an advertisement you make for VRacerGame.com (be sure to use your affiliate link when someone clicks the banner).

This can be an extremely effective way to get many sales quickly if the website has good traffic.

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Contact Our Affiliate Team

Thank you for considering to join our affiliate program! We love our affiliates and do everything possible to help you as an affiliate! If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions for us.you can contact us at our helpdesk.

Thanks, and we look forward to working with you!

To your affiliate success!

The VRacerT Team
Mike Mcfadden & Tom Cabrera

Once again, your affiliate hoplink is:
Replace ' YourClickbankID ' with your Clickbank Affiliate ID.

Remember: VRacer pays out 75% on all our sales options and you get a total of $24.92 per sale + recurring $20.02!

This is the BIGGEST payout V.S all other similar offers with the highest conversions. Whats more, we offer a $5 bonus payout for all qualifying affiliates. Start promoting now and earn BIG commissions!